Patent Litigation

An allowed Patent gives a patent holder rights to bar outsiders from making, utilizing, offering available to be purchased, offering or bringing in licensed item or item acquired by protected process.
On the off chance that any outsider is doing these exercises (i.e. encroachment activities) without consent of Patentee, the Patentee is approved to uphold his/her patent in the courtroom.
Charged infringer can challenge legitimacy of the patent as a counter-guarantee.
Our litigation team is having huge involvement in dealing with complex instances of our customers, regardless of whether they are Plaintiffs or Defendants.
Our specialists work intimately with you and give most ideal counsel to secure your Intellectual Property.

Our Services Include:
• Master counseling, composed reports and declaration with respect to an extensive variety of business and Intellectual Property issues, including a wide range of Intellectual Property encroachment.
• Investigating licenses and giving customers all conceivable Claim Construction in an effectively meaningful organization.
• Seeking and breaking down Case Laws on Public and Paid databases to help Attorneys in getting ready preparation for Litigation.
•Drafting help with Infringement Complaints, Suits, Pleadings, Motions, Briefs, Cease and Desist Letters and so forth.
• Survey and Summarizing every single important report.