• April. 10, 2018

Start-Ups and IP

Of course, the above situation holds desirable for any person; but it is all the greater important if you are a Start-up, sparkling into an industry, making an attempt to make your efforts count, particularly the place your business entails dealing with IP.

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  • April. 5, 2018

How to register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) is medium thru which agents (who can also be businessmen, manufacturers or retailers) who are selling their merchandise on Amazon get an possibility to

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  • Jan. 24, 2018

TN Change over on Video Copy Right Policy

The new policy is really knowledgeable via conservative pro-Intellectual Property (IP) ideology; yes, we are speak me about the Tamil Nadu

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  • May. 25, 2018

IBM Patent Leadership Continues for 25th Consecutive Year

IBM inventors received 9,043 patents a record number of U.S. patents in 2017 - by far the most ever in one year by any company, again breaking their own previous record of 9,000 issued patents. IBM led the U.S in Patents for 25 Straight Years.

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